Inspiring Quote on Miracles

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miraclesPeople usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child—our own two eyes. -Page 54 · Location 882 from Joy on Demand by Chade-Meng Tan


Thankful for Medical Professionals Who Care

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Photo by Alex Proimos via Flickr, under Creative Commons License

This week I was reminded once again of one of the tougher sides of parenting. It seems that just because a son is grown up and out in the world on their own, it doesn’t mean that you lose the instinct to nurture them when they fall ill. And this week we had two sons feeling quite miserable.

Fortunately, there were wonderful humans in the medical field who helped us out.

The one in Utah was definitely out of this mama’s reach, but he needed medication from our former home pharmacy, and I couldn’t easily get it. I called the pharmacy to discuss options, and they offered to mail the meds to our son without my even having to go in to get them (we just paid shipping). As a side note, while he’s not a medical professional, I also am thankful to our son’s boss who sent him home from work early so he could rest.

Our other ill son went to the college health clinic, and he was referred to intermediary care. He was only 90 minutes from home so I drove over to take him to a clinic where they informed us that they suspected mono.

(Notes: If you want to see what kind of sore throat he was dealing with, check out this site, but be warned, the image is pretty gross. Also, just so you know, Hudi okayed my telling his story, but he wants me to make it very clear that he did not get this from kissing someone with mono. 🙂 )

The clinic sent him back to the dorm with a script for some pain-relievers and a warning to rest and avoid sports, which could damage his spleen.

I had to leave him there, knowing he was exhausted, could barely eat, and was in a ton of pain. About broke my heart. But once again medical professional stepped in. His primary care physician’s office counseled me over the phone, working things out so we could assess his situation from afar, but being on call if anything went amiss.

This morning I received a call from the college nurse, who had called him a few times, but he didn’t answer (he was probably sleeping). So she called me to follow up and make sure he was doing better. How amazing is that?

So that’s my thankful note for today. I am VERY thankful for medical professionals who show some tender loving care to my ducklings while they are far from my nest.



A Quilt With a Story


I hope that someday you get to meet Jan. At least have somebody like her in your existence. She is amazing. And I am very fortunate to have her in my life.

I met Jan when I was a 16-year-old college freshman. She was 18. I don’t think you could find two more opposite people on the entire planet. In fact, we might not even have tried to get to know each other if it were not the fact that we were on a camping trip and thrown together in a two-person tent.

When you share a tent with someone for 10 days, you kind of get to know them. And we realized that we balance each other in a very unique way. After college we were fortunate enough to end up living in the same town and have remained the best of friends for the past almost-30 years. 

We celebrated our birthdays by making things for each other. I was a writer, and she enjoyed sewing, so one year I asked her to name some colors that she thought represented herself, her husband, Chris, and me. Using those colors, I wrote a children’s story for her about four pieces of fabric from different parts of the world that had their own journeys and ended up being tied together in a quilt.

The next year Jan gifted me with a quilt that she had made based on my story. She took those colors, found some fabric and made me a beautiful quilt. 

Now I know that I can use it to cozy up in, and it’s even washable. But I prefer to hang it on my wall behind my desk so I see it when I go to work every day. And when I am in video conferences, I see it as my backdrop on my screen.

It makes me incredibly happy, and reminds me how blessed I am to have a person like Jan in my life.


Thankful for Time With Grandma

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Our family is huge, and I have no idea how many grandchildren this woman has, but I do know she loves each one dearly, and prays for us regularly. I’m so thankful she is part of my life. Love her!


My Writing Corner

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img_0450This is not my office or my normal work desk. This is a cozy little corner that I enjoy on my days off. It’s where I catch up on bills, write notes to friends, and have the chance to immerse in creative writing. I’m very thankful for that peaceful corner of my living room.


Meditation Inspiration

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A friend shared this with me – please click the link at the bottom of the text in this post to see the full meditation. I don’t want to be stealing people’s work 🙂 (The video clip is mine.)

Meditation Day 20

If you must be heard, let it be like the babbling brook,
laughing over the rocks.

If you must be seen, let it be like sunlight
giving warmth and comfort to all.

If you must be acknowledged, let it be as the eyes
behold the skies in all their glory.

If you must lead, let it be like …

 – Kerry Hillcoat  

(read the full meditation on – IMHO, totally worth the read. Very inspirational)


When I Grow Up

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I want to be like my mother-in-law. Eight years after serious heart surgery… Look at her go!



That was her first time playing in a while. We have played since, and she can get a serious volley going. Our boys are going to be so surprised when they come home and play with her again 😉