Meditation Inspiration

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A friend shared this with me – please click the link at the bottom of the text in this post to see the full meditation. I don’t want to be stealing people’s work πŸ™‚ (The video clip is mine.)

Meditation Day 20

If you must be heard, let it be like the babbling brook,
laughing over the rocks.

If you must be seen, let it be like sunlight
giving warmth and comfort to all.

If you must be acknowledged, let it be as the eyes
behold the skies in all their glory.

If you must lead, let it be like …

Β – Kerry Hillcoat Β 

(read the full meditation onΒ – IMHO, totally worth the read. Very inspirational)


When I Grow Up

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I want to be like my mother-in-law. Eight years after serious heart surgery… Look at her go!



That was her first time playing in a while. We have played since, and she can get a serious volley going. Our boys are going to be so surprised when they come home and play with her again πŸ˜‰


Feeling Buried? Make it Fun

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Star inspired me today. It snowed a lot last night. Definitely over a foot of snow, and it was beautiful! I was a bit concerned about how my medium-sized dog would handle it when she had to go out.

No worries at all!

Star headed into the snow and plowed a path for herself in her enclosure, stumpy tail wagging all the while (she was born without a tail, but she thinks she has one). When she was finished circling ’round her enclosure, she paused for a drop-and-roll.

Life is good, even when you are up to your ears in potential obstacles. Do what you can, make sure you enjoy the good parts, and shake off the yuck! πŸ˜‰