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We celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving while Hudi and Mollie were visiting. They gifted me with a pedicure. I’ve never had one before. On Black Friday we hit the mall, and Chris and Hudi walked around while Mollie and I sat in massage chairs and had our feet soaked, exfoliated and prettied up.

Pink and green toenails.

My favorite part? I got to hang out and talk with Mollie while we were getting spoiled.

When we initially walked in we were asked to choose nail-polish colors. After we each got one, Mollie pointed out we had gotten Christmas colors 🙂 How perfect.

I chose red because I’m sloppy at doing my own toenails and would never pick such a pretty, vibrant color that would show all the flaws of my application. So it was a super treat to add the color to my toenails.

I feel festive and loved and pampered whenever I look down. Thanks, Hudi and Mollie! Awesome gift!

**For the month of November each year, I try to focus on something I’m thankful for each day. It is the month that holds Thanksgiving where I live, after all. Focusing on the positive and remembering the little things that make life great is something I should do more often. If you want to see some blogs I’m thankful for, check out my main site, Word Quilt.

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