Blessing Boxes

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Image by by New Life Church CollingwoodCollege students shouldn’t have to think about whether or not they will have a meal during the day. But that is a scenario that many face, and most of the world isn’t aware of the struggle. In 2014, Feeding America, the USA’s largest emergency food assistance network, calculated that around 10% of its 46.5 million adult clients attend school, including 2 million full-time students1.

These are people who are better themselves, putting all their time and resources into educating themselves so they can contribute to the world, and have a better future for themselves.

A Watertown, NY man realized the need for food college students while working on a project for his own studies, and he did something about it. Army veteran Roman Vezpinoza set up a Blessing Box in his yard, and the idea is catching on. Good Housekeeping has an inspiring article on his mission.

Brilliant. And so inspiring.

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